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Claudine Vidal, Gymnastic

In my opinion, the journal “My Athletic Notebook” is a fantastic idea that will allow athletes to better understand their sporting career and observe their evolution, while being conscious of their accomplishments. It is really interesting to note that this book is adapted to many different sports and that athletes can write down many related things to them; their objectives and successes, for instance. As an ex-gymnast, I know how crucial it is for athletes to be monitored throughout their career. It is an unique book that guides athletes in their success path.


Brian Horcicak, Taekwondo

This journal is good for all ages because it helps them organize themselves to do what is needed to become a champion. It lets them know what is needed to become one. Mental and physical exercises will help the athletes them along the way. Also, The exercises of writing down your goals and your achievements will help you memorize them. It’s a great book not only for sport but also for life.

Aleksandra, Soccer

This journal helps me write my goals before training and assess myself before and after matches. It’s very interesting when you watch how you evaluated yourself and how you actually played the match. The fan zone and words of support are very useful throughout the season. I like this journal very much.

What does the journal include?

Personal Goal Setting

•The athlete has to complete 4 asked questions before starting his adventure in the journal.

•These questions will help him visualize what he wants to accomplish during the next 3 months: how he is going to celebrate his attained goals and overcome challenges.

Fan Zone

There is a great possibility to the family, coach and friends to leave encouraging words that will help the athlete during his season.

Skill development wheel

•The skill development wheel contains the most important skills to track.

•After each month, the athlete has the possibility to evaluate himself by using the skill development wheel.

•In fact, he will be able to compare his results with the previous month.

Training objectives

•In this section the athlete writes down his objectives before every training.

•It will help the athlete stay focused to meet his small targets that will lead him towards his ultimate goal.

Game analysis

•This section will help the athlete to  evaluate and track his performances during his competitions.

•In fact, he will have to do his pre-game analysis and then his post game analysis.

•It will help him to see the dynamic of his changes yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Training at home

•This part includes exercises of flexibility, strength and cardio.

•The athlete can track on which days the exercise was done.

•The coach can specify which type of exercise to focus on more and which exercise he would like to add personally.

Emotional & training assessment

•After every single training, the athlete can write down his thoughts, rate the training and assess his emotions.

•At the bottom of these pages, there are motivational and inspirational quotes, which support in sport growth.

Creative thinking development

What are the benefits for the athlete?



Increase of the self-esteem

Focus on positive 


Become organized and disiplined

Goal setting for better progression

Deepen understanding of yourself and personal development

Increase of the mental engagement

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