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Interactive training journals

This is the perfect tool for kids that practice a sport to have a tool that will give them an early head start in learning about self improvement, self motivation, self evaluation and to discover their own voice from within, which is the most powerful voice of all…


Worldwide project

 10 different countries

So far 14 sports 

18 ongoing projects  

 Translated in 4 languages 


Our vision

We truly believe in the capacity of every single child in reaching his full potential in life. We believe in personal development through sport.


The way we see a child achieving his full potential is by giving the tool that will lead him in developing his creative thinking and character, the habit of goal setting and brain printing while he tracks his own achievements in sport.


My Athletic Notebook is proud to support athletes with new innovated interactive training journals for life and sport success!


Unlike using electronics, the actual writing with pen on paper is an awesome exercise of connecting one’s self with one’s thoughts. Your daughters and sons will be in charge of their sportive and personal development. They will do this with pleasure and have fun at the same time.

This interactive training journal will help your children at creating their own story through training and self development. Your young athletes will clearly see and then compare their progress by self-critiquing the skills that need improvement. They will learn how to be sincere with themselves.


Your daughters and sons will receive the support from our journal captain, he will help your children at succeeding in sport and in life by setting goals, by building positive habits and routines. Moreover, your athletes will learn to focus on positive thinking with the help of the right questions.